Alpha Pet Trading Sdn Bhd
1721, Jalan Seri Emas 48,
Kawasan Perindustrian
Telok Emas,
75460 Melaka,

We are a pets’ products wholesale company which has been in pet industry for more than 30 years. Our mother company, Ann Pet Shop is established in 1985 by Mr. Tan Chin Ann which involves in manufacture and wholesale of pets’ accessories. In 2013, Mr. Tan Jyh Kang, son of Mr. Tan Chin Ann has established this Alpha Pet Trading Sdn Bhd which involves in imports, distributes and wholesales pets’ products to retailer customer in Malaysia.

Products and Services

As a wholesaler in this industry, we are concern on bringing in market quality pets’ products to our retail customers. Our products range from pet foods, bird seeds, cages, pet accessories, shampoo, dietary, supplements and other products for small animals. All of our products are mainly manufactured by Malaysia, Japan, Singapore and China companies.

We also actively involved in all kind of pets expo that held in Malaysia throughout the year to promote our company’s products.


We are mainly focus on wholesale and distributing pets’ products to retailer customer in Malaysia. Below is the distributions chart of our retailer customer which mainly pet shops and mini-market in Malaysia.

Ultrakat Grain Free Cat Food (Fresh Chicken & Seaweed)

Ultrakat Grain Free Cat Food (Fresh Salmon & Seaweed)

I Cat's Premium Cat Food - Mother & Baby

UK6010 - ULTRAKAT Premium Cat Litter 10Liter

IC8020 - Super Premium Cat Sand 20 Kg

I Cat's Premium Cat Food - Hair Ball & Skin Care

I Cat's Premium Cat Food - Breeder Cat Fit 32

WK1050M or L - Carry Bag

Q8357 - Cat Tree

IC6009 - Super Premium Cat Sand 5 Kgs

IC6008MO Economic Cat Sand 8 Liter

WK1042M or L - Carry Bag

IC6120R - Economic Cat Sand 20 Kgs

IC6008A - Economic Cat Sand 8 Liter

WK1040M or L - Carry Bag

Q8355 - Cat Tree

WK1038M or L - Carry Bag

WK1032M or L - Carry Bag

Q8164 - Cat Tree

WK1031M or L - Carry Bag

WK1030M or L -Carry Bag

WK1029M or L -Carry Bag

WK1028M or L - Carry Bag

WK1027M or L - Carry Bag

WK1025M or L - Carry Bag

WK1020M or L - Carry Bag

WK1019M or L - Carry Bag

WK1007M or L - Carry Bag

WK1006M or L - Carry Bag

Electric Automatic Food Feeder (Small)

Iron Bird Cage (4 in 1)

6301GC - Pet Cage Silver Hammeton

1011 - MELAKA Bamboo Cage ( Mata Putih )

T2000 - Coco Carrier



1311 - MELAKA Bamboo Cage

6522 - Pet Fooder Twin 2000


6304GC - Pet Cage Gold/Silver Hammeton


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